WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2007 Review

At one time it seemed like there were two ways to portray wrestling in a video game.  One way was to try to make it a simple fighting game where you have a punch button, a kick button, and a jump button.  The gameplay was fast and furious, with little resemblance to actual wrestling.  Since these games often came with a license to include the popular wrestlers at the time, fans didn

The wrestlers of the WWE have gotten even more outrageous throughout the years, sporting tattoo and massive biceps.  The Xbox 360 version of SvR07 really gives the wrestlers a lifelike look to them.  You swear you can see the muscles flex with every movement.  They swagger while walking into the arena.  The textures detail every tattoo.  The costumes bend and flex with the wrestler

The music is rough and edgy, loud and brash.  The metal riffs rip with the attitude of a mean WWE wrestler.  It includes music performed by Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Ghostface Killah, and P.O.D. and Saliva.  SvR07 even shows the song and the title performed on the screen so you can check them out later if you want to.  The music only plays during the menu selections and the wrestler intros though.  You won

In SvR07, the left analog stick moves your wrester around the ring.  X performs a strike attack, Y runs in the ring, B recovers stamina, and A performs different actions depending on the placement of the wrestler.  The left and right triggers counter strike and grapple attacks respectively.  The left bumper performs finishing moves.

The right analog stick is used for most of the grappling.  Moving the right stick quickly in any direction makes your wrestler does a quick grapple move.  Stronger grapple moves can be performed in conjunction with the right bumper and the right analog stick.

While these are the basic moves, trying to explain the controls in SvR07 is practically useless because a lot of the moves that you can perform are based on your position.  The screen also shows some actions you can perform at certain times.  This is especially helpful because the timing of counters is difficult, sometimes only allowing for a split second to perform.

The main feature in the game is the season mode.  Here you choose one of the available wrestlers.  Some of the wrestlers are from the SmackDown side and some are from the Raw side.  A few wrestling legends are thrown into the mix as well.  Once you have your wrestler selected, you start your week, checking out voice mails on your cell phone, looking over the article in the latest WWE magazine, and taking a look at how much money you have in the bank.

Each week a new match is available for you to fight in.  The storyline has a few twists and turns, but if you are familiar with the scripts of wrestling shows you won

There are two other modes you can play.  The General Manager Mode lets you live the life of a manager, scheduling evens, checking emails, viewing rosters and proposing trades with the other brand, reading weekly reports, and checking out the financials of your business.  In WW PPV Mode, you can play through sample Pay Per View specials, like Wrestle Mania 22, Judgment Day, and Vengeance.  If you don

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