The History Channel Civil War Review

Roughly 620,000 Americans died during the Civil War.  This makes the number of Americans killed in World War II, the Vietnam War, or the current conflict in Iraq seem small by comparison.  While a few strategy games have shown the brutality of the Civil War using numbers, there haven

Moving around in THCCW you

The music in Civil War fits the era of the game.  You

Controls are similar to most other shooters.  Movement is handled with the left analog stick while the right analog stick looks and aims.  Pushing down on the right analog stick reloads.  Moving left and right on the D-pad switches weapons.  Y jumps, B toggles your stance, and A interacts with objects.  Hitting the right trigger fires your main weapon, and the left trigger looks down the gun sight.  The Left Bumper throws grenades, and the Right bumper performs a melee attack.

The controls are responsive.  You can change the controls so that the Y-Axis is inverted in the control menus, as well as change the sensitivity of the right analog stick.  Assigning the stance to a button instead of the left analog stick does take some getting used to, but other than that the controls are simple but effective.  You aren

In THCCW you relive both sides of the Civil War.  You can play six missions for the North and six missions for the South.  You can play through as the North and then as the South or vice versa.  You can also play through part of the North campaign and then switch to the South.  You can play whatever side you want and play any of the missions you

THCCW has three difficulty levels that can be selected before each level.  While you complete a mission, the game shows that you have completed it and on which difficulty level.  It

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