Major League Baseball 2K8 Review

This year 2K Sports has decided to release their annual baseball game on every system known to man and the PSP is one of them. Previous installments of the 2K franchise have not fared well on the PSP, but with the big brother next gen console versions receiving hefty improvements will this years PSP game receive the same care? More importantly has 2K sports crafted a hand held game that baseball fans will enjoy over Sony

The graphical weakness of this game is present long before you hit the batter

As big of an offender as the graphics in this game are the sound is even worse. Yes, 2K sports has once again hired Joe Morgan and Jon Miller to do the commentary, but they don

MLB2K8 offers a modified form of the pitching controls from the console version. You select your pitch type and location using the analog stick, then you hit X which starts a circle meter that quickly expands and then contracts. The trick is to hit the X button again when the meter contracts back to its smallest point. If done correctly the ball will be thrown exactly where you have aimed it. The system works really well and after a couple of games it can be easily mastered.

On the hitting side, 2K has gone with the standard circular swing zone, which you control with the analog stick. If you manage to time the swing correctly and line the circle zone up with the ball then you will make contact. You can bunt the ball with the triangle button but there is not an option for a power swing. Overall the batting works well, however the game will not let you check swing – it is an all or nothing swing system.

The fielding and throwing in this game is standard fare. You use the analog stick to move your players and the face buttons determine which base you throw to. The longer you hold down the throw button the harder the throw will be.

The first thing I look at with a baseball game is the pitching and batting. This games batting is not bad; you do have some control over whether or not you hit the ball. However, the batting experience is slightly ruined by the fact that you have to wait to get the call on balls or strikes and the replay graphics are terrible. Because the replays are so bad you really have no way of telling if you are early or late, high or low on your swing and have no way of improving your batting outside of trial and error. It

Major League Baseball 2K8 has thrown in almost every single mode that we have come to be used to in other baseball games. There is Franchise, Season, Home Run Derby, Minor League Play, Manager Showdown, Exhibition and Online play.

This game does do a good job of tracking stats and player evaluations. The stat simulation fan may be happy with this game if they don

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