Justice League Heroes: The Flash Review

When thinking of the Justice League, the most popular characters people think of are Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.  Batman has had his share of video games with games like Batman Begins, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu, and Batman Vengeance.  Superman hasn

The GBA doesn

The music in The Flash is heroic like you might expect.  The tempo is upbeat and does a good job setting up the feel for the game, just like a heroic theme should.  Bosses have a bit of mystery behind them, so the music shifts to a more mysterious tone then.

The sound effects do their job.  When swinging punches or landing kicks you hear each hit.  The different flame attacks burn.  Lightning attacks sizzle.  They aren

Moving the Flash could be difficult because of how fast he can move around.  The developers have done a good job in making the Flash easy to control.  Movement is handled with the D-pad.  Holding A and moving the D-pad locks onto an enemy.  Continuously holding down the A while moving the D-pad gives the Flash a pinball-like attack.  Pushing B jumps while hitting A and B performs a jump kick.  Holding down B and then moving Up then Down on the D-pad performs a Ground Pound, and holding B and moving in a full circle on the D-pad performs a whirlwind around the enemy.  Hitting R enters and exits the Flash

The Flash is reminiscent of old side-scrollers where you moved slowly through a level defeating enemies and facing a boss at the end.  While The Flash follows a similar formula, several differences help to differentiate The Flash from older side-scrollers.

Before each level, you see a short three or four cell comic-style mission summary.  In the summary you usually see the Flash interacting with another character.  The text is displayed at the bottom of the screen.  When moving from one scene to the next the cells move into position, giving the game a true comic book feel.

The maps that you have are all varied, and you are able to move just about any place on the map.  There are times when you won

Since this is a GBA game, you

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