Wizards of the Coast

Support Group videos for those who DM

by 1 week ago

Do you suffer from a party that likes to wander aimlessly?  Would your party rather befriend a Beholder than poke its massive eye?  Have they carelessly misplaced their sword and …

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Crazy Eights: Nathan Stewart, Brand Director for D&D at Wizard of the Coast

by 8 months ago

When you have a property like Dungeons and Dragons that has lasted for three decades, it's not surprising to have it rebooted every so often.  Wizards of the Coast has been …

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More Duels of the Planeswalkers coming soon

by 11 months ago

The Duels of the Planeswalkers have been coming out for several years.  While the original release came to the Xbox 360, slowly other platforms like the iPad and PC.  Now …

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New look coming to Magic Online

by 3 years ago

While Wizards of the Coast has plenty of success with selling Magic: The Gathering cards, the Online version of the game has plenty of followers as well.  Now they are …

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