WB Games Montreal

Many ways to skin a bat

by 5 months ago

Warner Bros Interactive let us know that by the end of today the Millenium Skins Pack for Batman: Arkham Origins will have gone live and be available for download across …

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Batman: Arkham Origins trailer shows off Deathstroke challenge pack

by 7 months ago

In this action packed October, it's going to be tough to play all the games released that catch your eye. Batman: Arkham Origins hopes to be one of those you …

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Batman: Arkham Origins will have online mutliplayer

by 9 months ago

According to a press release issued today from WB Games, Batman: Arkham Origins will ship with the multiplayer mode we've all been waiting for. ¬†Now, I know what you're thinking: …

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New Batman: Arkham Origins trailer introduces the villains

by 11 months ago

Being an origins story, Arkham Origins¬† takes place before both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City with a younger Batman as he finds himself on the path of becoming the Dark …

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