Ubisoft SF

Rocksmith 2014 shows off new arcade modes

by 3 years ago

I'm trying.   I'm really, really trying to learn guitar.  I have plunked away at it, but I just don't find reading a tablature book and then trying to replicate it …

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That one guitar, just blew him away. Rocksmith 2014 “What’s new” trailer released

by 4 years ago

Ubisoft is on a roll today, releasing a new trailer for the upcoming ticket to your rock and roll fantasy, Rocksmith 2014 Edition. This new trailer is entitled "“What’s New …

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New Rocksmith DLC Answers the Plight of the Bassist

by 5 years ago

So far, the guitar is the only instrument that's been playable with Ubisoft's Rocksmith . That's about the change as it was announced today that upcoming downloadable content will include …

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