Turtle Rock Studios

Evolve Was Delayed to Meet Pre-Release Expectations

by 3 weeks ago

If you weren't aware, Turtle Rock Studios' Evolve was delayed yesterday into early 2015. Now we have a little bit of context as to why the studio decided to push …

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Evolve Pushed Back to February of 2015

by 4 weeks ago

How's your day going? Good? Well, how about a fresh game delay to ruin it? 2K has confirmed that Turtle Rock's Evolve won't be making its originally scheduled October release …

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Evolve Alpha Invites Being Sent Out for PC

by 1 month ago

If you signed up for the Evolve alpha, check your emails. It looks like invites are being sent out for the PC version of the 4v1 shooter's alpha testing. CVG …

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Big boots to fill: E3 hands-on with Evolve

by 2 months ago

Hunted in the lush jungles on Shear, our protagonist  flees blindly into the wilderness, trying to find his way in the dim light. Sniffing the air, he smells food close …

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Evolve Gets Release Date, Pre-order Bonuses Revealed

by 3 months ago

Evolve Gets Release Date, Pre-order Bonuses Revealed Players eager to get their hands on the shooter Evolve will be glad to know the game finally has a release date. The …

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The Goliath is hungry — Hands-On impressions of Evolve

by 5 months ago

For a game being made by the creators of Left 4 Dead, you would expect Evolve to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue before PAX. Surprisingly, it was far …

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EVOLVE “Happy Hunting” Trailer

by 7 months ago

Set to an awesome cover of Danzig's "Mother" the four hunters of EVOLVE--Medic, Trapper, Support, and Assault--drop into the middle of a mysterious jungle. They're tracking something...something big. As the …

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2K and Turtle Rock Studios announce Evolve

by 8 months ago

You didn't think those guys behind Left 4 Dead were sitting around "grabbin pills" and installing awesome Telitubby Mods for their game, did you?  Of course not!  Today 2K and …

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