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Sony is disabling stream archiving for Until Dawn

by 5 days ago

It looks like Sony is taking an extra step to ensure spoilers for Until Dawn remain under wraps for the time being. The company has disabled Twitch streamer’s ability to …

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Until Dawn’s launch trailer warns you one more time that your choices have consequences

by 1 week ago

If you weren’t aware, Supermassive’s PlayStation 4-exclusive horror game Until Dawn is available today. To celebrate, Sony has released a launch trailer for the game that drives home that player …

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Until Dawn’s live-action trailer demonstrates the game’s choice mechanics

by 2 weeks ago

To show off Until Dawn's choice-making systems and the consequences they'll have, Sony and Supermassive Games have released an interactive live-action trailer that lets fans choose how to react to a …

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New Until Dawn trailer shows the repercussions of your choices

by 4 weeks ago

Until Dawn is full of choices for you to make a consequences for you to suffer, and the latest trailer illustrates how the game’s branching paths can lead to very …

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Supermassive Games announces Until Dawn has gone gold

by 1 month ago

Supermassive Games has announced that its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn has gone gold, and will be shipping to retailers soon. News of this comes from the studio’s official …

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Sony confirms that Until Dawn won’t have a multiplayer mode

by 2 months ago

After a press release from the company implied that Until Dawn would feature a multiplayer mode, Sony has clarified that Supermassive’s horror game will remain a single player experience. The …

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Until Dawn is coming to PS4 in August

by 3 months ago

Sony and Supermassive Games have announced that the upcoming horror game Until Dawn will come to PlayStation 4 on August 25th. News of this comes from a post on the …

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First impressions of Until Dawn, Supermassive’s Sony-exclusive thriller

by 9 months ago

Several trailers and gameplay videos have been going around about Supermassive's horror game Until Dawn. Today, we got to demo the section shown at the Playstation Experience keynotes and see …

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Gaming Trend’s 55 most anticipated releases of 2013

by 3 years ago

2013 is looking to be a great year for video game releases. We've got a ton of great titles that were pushed into this year from the holidays, we've got …

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