PS4 patch 2.00 coming shortly. Time to change themes!

by 1 week ago

Code named Masamune (Likely named after fabled swordsmith and priest, Gorō Masamune - go read, he was awesome)  Sony has announced some of the content coming in their upcoming 2.00 …

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Sportsfriends, Playstation All Stars Battle Royale, and more featured in September Playstation Plus

by 2 months ago

Sony has come around and revealed their September Playstation Plus lineup and it features some, as the kids would say, "bangers." The following is a list of the titles available: …

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PlayStation Home ending in Asia next year

by 2 months ago

In some rather sad (but expected) news, Sony will be shutting down their PlayStation Home service next year in Asia. PlayStation Home has been one of the most spectacular failures …

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Playstation Network down for some

by 4 months ago

As of now, Playstation Network is down for some due to "high volume," according to Playstation. This high volume could very well be due to the Destiny beta launching today, …

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Want to know about Project Morpheus? Here’s our hands-on impressions!

by 7 months ago

After nearly two years as the only game in town, Oculus finally has some competition. Sony is making a play into the virtual reality (VR) future with the debut of …

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PSN going under maintenance this Monday

by 9 months ago

Via their forums, Sony revealed that they will be taking PSN down for a few hours this Monday, January 27th, for some regularly scheduled maintenance. PSN will be down from …

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Sony announces video game streaming service “PlayStation Now”

by 10 months ago

    Sony has announced that they will launch a game streaming service titled "PlayStation Now" in the United States this summer. PS Now promises to deliver PS3 games instantly to the …

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    Playstation Plus giving you Borderlands 2, cheap Spelunky, and more

    by 11 months ago

    If the Playstation Plus service was not already good enough, they continue to make it better by giving us something we all desire: free stuff! This week, their deals are …

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    Gaming Trend Podcast 11//20//2013–Console Envy

    by and 11 months ago

    PlayStation is here, and David and Atlas spend a while discussing Sony's new console! Well, David discusses it while Atlas writhes with jealous rage (and laughs at David's preposterously loud …

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    Gaming Trend Podcast 10//10//2013 — Four Crude Dudes

    by , , and 1 year ago

    This week the Gaming Trend Podcast is joined by a first-timer: Spencer Campbell! Spencer joins Matt, David, and Atlas in talking about Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy VI, Mighty No. 9's …

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    Gaikai to stream “critically acclaimed” PS3 games to PS3, PS4, Vita

    by 1 year ago

       In their Monday night press event, Sony announced that they will be streaming a portion of their back catalog of games. Very few details are available yet, but we do …

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      Want to uncover the future of PlayStation? Watch the stream here, and join us for a liveblog of the event!

      by 2 years ago

      February 20th is finally here, and the day of reckoning has come. Sony is (almost certainly) set to unveil its new console to the public in an exclusive event starting …

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