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Payday 2 free for PS Plus members tomorrow

by 5 months ago

Payday 2 will be available for free to all Playstation Plus subscribers tomorrow, February 11th, according to the Playstation Blog. Starting tomorrow you will be able to rob jewelry stores, …

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Payday 2 steals its way onto retail and digital shelves

by 11 months ago

Payday 2 has been lining up the award nominations, and they've racked up some serious word-of-mouth PR during the recent beta. Well, it all comes together today as Payday 2 …

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Payday 2 steals the show with new Heist walkthrough video

by 12 months ago

Playing Payday: The Heist is the closest I've gotten (and hopefully the closest I'll ever get) to robbing a bank, but the team at Overkill hopes that the sequel will make the …

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Steam Daily Deals for July 13th

by 2 years ago

I paid full price for Anno 2070 shortly after its release and it was worth every penny, so today's 50% discount strikes me as an absolute steal.  There's over a …

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