Namco Bandai Games

Most anticipated video games of Q1 2014

by 10 months ago

The next-gen battle has just begun, but there are a lot of fantastic games coming our way in the first quarter of 2014 for the current and previous generations of …

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Soul Calibur II being re-released on PS3 and Xbox 360

by 12 months ago

In celebration of Soul Calibur II's 10 year anniversary, and to make a quick buck, Namco Bandai has announced that they are re-releasing Soul Calibur II on the Xbox 360 …

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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures launch date postponed

by 1 year ago

For the fans who wanted to get their hands on the new Pac-Man game, you will have to wait a little longer, but only by a couple of weeks. In a press release, it was …

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New Ridge Racer title is going straight-to-DVD

by 2 years ago

Ridge Racer  isn't quite the esteemed series that it used to be, so perhaps the straight-to-DVD treatment is in order. Ridge Racer Driftopia  will be a downloadable free-to-play title and …

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