Klei Entertainment

Work smarter, not harder — Klei Entertainment at GDC 2013

by 4 years ago

    Mark of the Ninja was one of the breakout indie games of past year -- a stealth game with a surprising amount of polish. Why is it surprising?  Because the …

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    Shank 2 Video Highlights Multiplayer Survival Mode

    by 5 years ago

    Today's Shank 2 video highlights Survival Mode, the newly added online co-op feature that includes an on-the-fly upgrade system, environmental traps, and online leaderboards for friends to compete against.  Check …

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    Shank 2 Dated

    by 6 years ago

    Klei Entertainment and Electronic Arts have just confirmed plans to release the co-op side-scrolling beat 'em up Shank 2 for $9.99 on February 7th.  The curious part?  Apparently it's only …

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