Hi-Rez Studios

Tribes Ascend Defense/Gen Tech tutorial video

by 4 years ago

Would you like to try the Free-to-Play title Tribes Ascend but don't know one end of the Spinfuser from the other (and from what I've see in-game, that's most of …

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Steam Daily Deals for July 13th

by 5 years ago

I paid full price for Anno 2070 shortly after its release and it was worth every penny, so today's 50% discount strikes me as an absolute steal.  There's over a …

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Tribes Ascends To New Heights

by 6 years ago

Tribes will be returning this year with Tribes: Ascend, a digitally distributed title for the Windows PC and XBLA developed by Hi-Rez Studios.  The game will return to the traditional …

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