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SUPER SMASH BROS. – Is this the last game Masahiro Sakurai will ever make?

by 4 weeks ago

It sounds like Smash Bros. series creator, Masahiro Sakurai, gave this latest release his all and then some. So much so, that now he's even talking about quitting game design …

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New Kirby and the Rainbow Curse Trailer Confirms Amiibo Support

by 2 months ago

Nintendo has released some new footage and details about the upcoming Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, including confirmation that the game will have Amiibo support when it launches in 2015. …

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Two Vids To Celebrate Kirby’s Latest Antics On the DS

by 3 years ago

Kirby Mass AttackĀ  has released this week on the Nintendo DS and lo and behold, the consensus is that it's actually a pretty good game. To celebrate our favorite pink …

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Kirby Wii Multiplayer Gameplay

by 4 years ago

Kirby is back, and we've got some co-op multiplayer footage of the pink tornado along with Meta Knight and King Dedede for you. You'll get a nice look at the …

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