Guerrilla Games

Killzone: Shadow Fall hits 2.1 million sales

by 3 months ago

The hardware has been selling like gangbusters, but have you wondered what exclusive launch title Killzone: Shadowfall did in terms of sales?   Well, it kept up nicely hitting 2.1 million …

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Killzone Shadow Fall Ultra High Bitrate multiplayer video released

by 5 months ago

Know what looks incredible?  Killzone Shadow Fall.  Know what doesn't?  Anything after you cram it through compression-happy applications like Youtube.  Today we have an extremely high resolution video that shows …

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Killzone Shadow Fall looks amazing in this new story trailer

by 6 months ago

Killzone Shadow Fall is absolutely welded to my pre-order list (you can pre-order the digital version as of today!), and this morning we have a new story trailer to share. …

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Killzone: Shadow Fall looks amazing in this multiplayer video

by 8 months ago

We were all a little blown away by Killzone: Shadow Fall during the announcement of the PlayStation 4, and today we've got a pretty solid look at some more gameplay, …

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Killzone: Shadow Fall gets veteran voice actors, vocap, and video

by 9 months ago

There is no doubt that Killzone: Shadow Fall was pretty amazing looking, but as was revealed on the PlayStation Blog, now it'll sound pretty amazing too. Guerrilla Games has brought …

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PlayStation 4 – all the details in one place

by 1 year ago

Unless you are blind, you've read that the PlayStation 4 has been announced.   We've got  a bit more to share from Sony themselves.   In this post we'll look at the …

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