Gaming Minds Studios

Conquest on a huge scale — Grand Ages: Medieval preview

by 3 months ago

Earlier this week, I went to a Kalypso press event where I got to see a demo of Grand Ages: Medieval. It’s being developed by Gaming Minds Studios, who created …

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“For thy three thousand ducats here is six!” – A sneak peek at Rise of Venice

by 1 year ago

Getting to talk at length with the developer of a game is a wonderful thing. Rise of Venice, an impressive new offering from Kalypso Media, lends itself extremely well to …

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Rise of Venice gets new screens and official site

by 2 years ago

Assassins Creed IV isn't the only boat sailing game in town.   Kalypso Media has officially announced that their October-slated merchant/trading sim, Rise of Venice, has launched a new website, and …

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