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First impressions of Vikings—Wolves of Midgard

by 3 weeks ago

Vikings are badass. Full of giants, gods, elves, and dwarves, their mythology is too. These things are a natural foundation for video games. They provide a rich background and a …

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Action RPG Vikings – Wolves of Midgard gets a teaser trailer, early 2017 date

by 4 weeks ago

The team at Kalypso have been pretty heavily focused on the strategy space, but they've got something completely new to share. Today they unveiled a brutal action RPG called Vikings …

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Vikings: Wolves of Midgard announced by Kalypso

by 1 month ago

Kalypso Media and Games Farm have announced a new RPG called Vikings: Wolves of Midgard that combines ruthless combat, legendary creatures and the legend of Ragnarok. Gain blood in battle, …

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Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition is a PS4 exclusive

by 2 years ago

I have to hand it to bitComposer and Games Farm.  They got chewed up a bit by the community on their previous-gen launch of Air Conflicts: Vietnam, but they've gone …

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I love the smell of great games in the morning… Air Conflicts: Vietnam Preview

by 3 years ago

San Francisco. 07/30/13. 2:00 pm. After a long flight from New York, which I mostly spent reading Stephen King’s “It” and watching downloaded episodes of HBO’s “24/7 Road to the Winter …

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