Full Control

Kill the Genestealers when Space Hulk is released for the iPad on December 5th

by 8 months ago

Space Hulk has been a kind of holy grail as far as board games go. ¬†It has always been in high demand, and when Games Workshop published a third edition …

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Space Hulk pre-order, video, and screenshot action!

by 12 months ago

With Shadowrun Returns hitting yesterday (with our review right here), it is easy to get all sorts of nostalgic for the games of my youth. Well, that works out well …

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For the Emperor! A new Space Hulk is about to emerge

by 1 year ago

In a missive received by the local astropaths, Full Control released the first screenshots for their upcoming release of Space Hulk. A turn based strategy game based on Games Workshop's …

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Warhammer 40K Board Game Spin-off Space Hulk To Be Released on PC, Mac, iOS in 2013

by 2 years ago

You board game fans out there might recognize Warhammer 40k, the world-renowned¬†tabletop strategy and tactics game from Games Workshop. The more intrepid analog game fans out there might also remember …

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