Eric Lang

Eric Lang officially joins CMON Limited

by 4 months ago

It seems like Eric Lang has had a huge string of hits lately.  The Kickstarter for his latest game, Rising Sun, is a huge hit partially because his name is …

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Iron Man and War Machine invade Dice Masters today

by 5 months ago

At one time Iron Man was considered a B-level character.  However, once Robert Downey Jr. became Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the popularity of the character has grown. …

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Heroes in a Half Shell available today

by 6 months ago

Most of the Dice Masters sets have followed the model of having a starter set and then expanding the game through booster packs.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sets instead …

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WizKids announces next Dice Masters version

by 7 months ago

It seems like Dice Masters just keeps on rolling with new editions.  With themes from Marvel, DC Comics, D&D, and more, the series keeps on coming out with more dice …

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Crazy Eights: Chris Birch from Modiphius on Siege of the Citadel

by 11 months ago

Modiphius had a great Kickstarter campaign with the Third Edition of the Mutant Chronicles RPG.  Recently they went in a new direction with this IP by launching a Kickstarter to reprint Siege of the …

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Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War Available Soon

by 1 year ago

The Dice Masters series, Wizkids unique collectible dice game based on the Marvel universe, has been a solid hit since its initial release. Wizkids' latest expansion, Marvel Dice Masters: Civil War, will coincide …

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Modiphius bringing back Siege of the Citadel

by 2 years ago

Modiphius had a successful Kickstarter campaign for the Mutant Chronicles RPG in 2014.  While getting together for an RPG may appeal to many, sometimes it's just nice to break out …

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Collect, Roll, Evolve and Battle with “Yu-Gi-Oh! Dice Masters”

by 2 years ago

The Yu-Gi-Oh franchise has made its way into homes through cards, television, a movie, and video games.  The card game has regular base sets and expansions coming out regularly, but …

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Calliope announces Titan series Kickstarter at GenCon

by 3 years ago

When a game is funded on Kickstarter, usually it is just a single game that possibly has an expansion.  However, Calliope is taking a different approach by offering several games …

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