Double Fine

Double Fine Has a Costume Quest 2 Contest Going on at PAX Prime

by 20 hours ago

Double Fine and Midnight City will be holding a contest at this year's PAX Prime for those that are attending. Attendees who play Massive Chalice at the Double Fine booth, …

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Grim Fandango Remake Could’ve Gone to Nintendo

by 3 weeks ago

Dan Adelman, former head of Indie relations for Nintendo has revealed that there was a point in time that he was pursuing a remake of Grim Fandango for Nintendo consoles. …

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Diving into the PAX East Indies: Project Cyber, Chasm, and Hack ‘n’ Slash

by 5 months ago

As to be expected with my first convention ever attended, “I’m lost as hell” was the only thing on my mind when I entered the Boston Convention Center. The main …

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Gaming Trend Podcast 01//15//2014 — Saying “Hello” To Demelo

by 7 months ago

This week on the Gaming Trend Podcast, Dave and Atlas are visited by the gravelly, manly voice of Jeffrey Demelo!  Dave, Atlas, and Jeff spend a few moments talking about …

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First act of Broken Age gets a launch date for Kickstarter backers

by 8 months ago

If you remember, and I'm sure you probably do, Double Fine Productions ran one of the very first major Kickstarter programs around two years ago. The title being Kickstarted was …

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Gaming Trend Podcast 05/21/13–Parental discretion is advised

by and 1 year ago

    This week the Gaming Trend Podcast learned that it already has an explicit tag on iTunes, and so it's no more mister nice cast.  Join Victor and Atlas as they curse like …

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    Brutal Legend pre-purchase now available for PC via Steam

    by 2 years ago

    You know what's been missing from the variety of open-world games on the PC? A lack of guitars, Jack Black and metal - the music kind, not the sword kind. …

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    Raptr and Double Fine giving away 300 free copies of Psychonauts and Stacking

    by 2 years ago

    Everybody knows Psychonauts as one of those games that didn't get the attention it deserved when it launched back in 2005—one of those games that everybody should play, but few …

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