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Dark Rose Valkyrie readies its troops for a June release date

by 3 months ago

Idea Factory announced today that it will release Dark Rose Valkyrie for the PlayStation 4 on June 6 in North America. The JRPG will mix combo-based RPG mechanics with social …

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Hyperdevotion Noire: A Preview in Progress

by 2 years ago

This is the unceremonious "Yes, we have it and are reviewing it" piece about Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart for the Playstation Vita. I've had  the game for a couple …

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An introductory look at Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth 2: Sisters Generation

by 3 years ago

First impressions of video games usually aren’t so strong, nor do they typically strike before the game is even finished downloading.  Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation had me at …

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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory on store shelves today

by 4 years ago

So...Hyperdimension Neptunia is kind of a strange series.  The original game came out in 2010, and it instantly established itself as one of the most bizarre jRPGs in recent memory.  The basic …

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