BlackBird Interactive

Blackbird’s Shipbreakers now officially a Homeworld game.

by 8 months ago

Hardware: Shipbreakers was just aching to be Homeworld.  Think about it: it looked, sounded and--if the gameplay footage is to be believed--played like a Homeworld game.  Well, thanks to Gearbox …

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New HARDWARE: Shipbreakers Trailer Reveals the Armored Titan Baserunner

by 11 months ago

The team at Blackbird Interactive (a team comprised of the original creators of Homeworld and Homeworld 2) wants to show off the Baserunner - a massive truck in their upcoming …

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Homeworld Creators Blackbird Interactive announce presale package for HARDWARE

by 12 months ago

You may have guessed it by now, but I really like Homeworld.  So you'd better believe I'm intrigued by the upcoming title from BlackBird Interactive, Hardware.  And I'm not the …

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