The Hell-Hare Returns

by 4 years ago

Brimstone, Fire, and Bunnies - oh my! The floppy-eared prince of Hell has returned, and his fury can only be quenched by a suitably apocalyptic quantity of blood. ​Hell Yeah! …

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Hell Yeah! To Be Released in September on Consoles, October on Steam

by 5 years ago

Hell Yeah! is a game that has been on my radar since I saw video footage of it a few months back. From Sega and Arkedo Studios comes a Metroid-vania …

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Magical Drop V Dropping onto PC Later this Year

by 6 years ago

This is a long running series of puzzle games I haven't played, but it looks similar to Bust-a-Move or Snood. One thing I do know: Arkedo is involved in the …

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