Amplitude Studios

Endless Legend Leaves Early Access and Launches on Steam

by 3 months ago

Amplitude Studios' Endless Legend has officially migrated from Early Access onto Steam proper. The strategy game will also be released at retail today in Germany, France and the UK, and …

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Hands-on with Dungeon of the Endless Steam Early Access

by 12 months ago

What do you get when you cross a roguelike dungeon crawler with a tower defense game? You get the Steam Early Access title Dungeon of the Endless, currently in alpha …

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Endless Space Arrives July 4th

by 2 years ago

It appears beta testing has gone well for Endless Space.  Originally expected to appear sometime in mid-July, the 4X sci-fi strategy game is now confirmed to arrive exactly one week …

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Endless Space Entering Beta

by 3 years ago

Considering the level of excitement whirling around Amplitude Studios' 4X strategy game Endless Space, you'd be forgiven for believing it's already out.  Gamers rarely go on this much about the …

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