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Minecraft for PS4 Fails to Pass Certification

by 2 weeks ago

As if it wasn't already looking next to impossible for Minecraft on Playstation 4 to meet its reported August release window, it's been confirmed that the PS4 port of the …

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Development for Minecraft on PS4 is Finished

by 3 weeks ago

Minecraft for PlayStation 4 was projected to come to the system in this month of August, and from the looks of it, it's cutting it real close. 4J Studios, the …

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Minecraft Getting Guardians of the Galaxy Skins

by 1 month ago

Looks like Disney Infinity isn't the only game getting some Guardians of the Galaxy content, as Minecraft appears to be getting some new skins to coincide with the theatrical release …

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[UPDATE] Minecraft Xbox One, PS4, and Vita Coming in August

by 3 months ago

UPDATE: A post on the official Mojang website confirms that the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita Editions of Minecraft will also be available in August. Players who own the PlayStation …

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition to get a Skyrim mash-up

by 10 months ago

Minecraft developer Mojang has teamed up with Bethesda and 4J studios to make a huge Skyrim themed add-on for Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Developed by 4J Studios, “The Elder Scrolls …

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Minecraft Xbox Patch Aims to Fix 40 Bugs

by 2 years ago

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition may be the highest-selling Xbox Live Arcade game of all time, but it isn't without the occasional glitch. After the most recent title update many of …

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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition to get Patched this Month

by 2 years ago

Minecraft's anticipated Title Update 7 came to players on the Xbox 360 on December 19th, which gave players more than a few reasons to return to Mojang's pixelated world. Unfortunately …

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