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Lee's been playing games for 25 years and analyzing them to death for 5 years. Bad news, ladies: He's married.

Posts by Lee Evans:

NES Replay: A Boy and His Blob

by 5 years ago

    Hey, everyone! It's Monday, so get out your ketchup jelly beans, because here comes another NES Replay. This week: A Boy and His Blob. Here's a jelly-bean flavored taste: If …

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    NES Replay

    by 5 years ago

      Want to read about every single NES game ever made? No? Too bad! Due to abundant benevolence of the GT overlords, we're going to be posting links to Downwards Compatible's …

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      Terraria Review

      by 6 years ago

      You can't start talking about Terraria without mentioning Minecraft, the word-of-mouth sensation that's captivated audiences worldwide. Minecraft is about mining, building and exploring a randomly generated world, like virtual Legos. …

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