Timothy Jesurun


Tim has been playing modern board games for several years and hosts a game night at his house every week. He is a member of Boardgamers of Greater Akron (BOGA), one of the larger board gaming clubs in the US, as well as an active member of the related board game design and prototype group. Tim has several games he is working on and has presented some to publishers with no luck yet. His favorite games include Core Worlds, Lord of the Rings LCG and Pandemic. When not gaming Tim teaches psychology and tutors local students in math and ACT test prep. Tim lives in Ohio with his wife and daughter.

Posts by Timothy Jesurun:

Dragons and Steampunk and Lasers, Oh My! — Titanium Wars Review

by 3 years ago

    ¬†Titanium Wars is a recent game from Iello (best known for publishing King of Tokyo) and Euphoria Games. I had the chance to demo this game at Origins and was …

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    Prepare to fight off waves of zombies in Dead Panic

    by 4 years ago

    Hey fans of zombie games, Fireside Games has recently announced that they are releasing a zombie themed game called Dead Panic. It looks pretty similar to their previously successful game …

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