This week the Gaming Trend Podcast is all about games games games!  Matt, Atlas, and David spend an unbelievable percentage of the podcast discussing, you know, actual games. Ranging from indie Dungeon Keeper clones to Pokemon to The Stanley Parable, we discuss what you want to hear.  If we somehow missed the one game you wanted to talk about, let us know at [email protected]!  If you like the show, leave us a rating on iTunes!  It helps us catch all the new listeners!

[00:00]: What We’re Playing – Dwelvers
[05:30]: Pokemon X/Y discussion
[11:00]: Sonic Lost World and why it isn’t good
[15:05]: Rocksmith 2014 and why it is good
[22:00]: The Wolf Among Us — fun with fairy tales
[26:13]: David tells us why anyone with iOS should play Device 6
[30:47]: Beyond: Two Souls isn’t quite grabbing Matt
[37:38]: The Stanley Parable is something you should play
[39:35]: Call of Duty: Ghosts — 720p on XB1, 1080p on PS4?
[43:00]: Titanfall and next-gen console hardware differences
[45:13]: Fake GTA V PC download infecting PCs with malware
[47:00]: Dark Matter releases on Steam unfinished
[49:15]: Ex-EA exec says that $60 games are “exploitative”

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Podcast produced by Atlas Burke.  All music from Mega Man 2.