asteria 1 Asteria hits Steam Greenlight, promising sci fi sandbox world building

Minecraft and Terraria continue to seep into the consciousness of indie game developers, and Asteria is the latest promising iteration of the ‘explore a sandbox world and build your own creations in it’ genre. This one’s still in development, but so far the drawing board includes over 100 items across 9 tiers of gear, huge inventory space, hand-crafted dungeons mixed in with the procedurally generated world, platformer gameplay, and a big emphasis on ranged combat and mining over the usual up-close pickaxe action we’ve all seen before. It’s still being worked on, but the main Asteria website features additional information and pre-order options (complete with 4-pack incentives),  as well as a Steam greenlight page for anyone willing to throw in a vote to get this one on everyone’s favorite direct-download service. There’s also a trailer showing off some of what you can expect from the game, and the terrain-sculpting in particular looks promising in this showcase.

Very nice backgrounds on this one as well. Definitely hitting that ‘alien world’ vibe clearly.