The Ministry of Silly Walks monty python 13604665 1920 1200 Gaming Trend Podcast 07//02//2013  A very silly podcastThis week the Gaming Trend Podcast hosts the return of its long-lost prodigal son, a Mr. David Roberts!  Joining Victor and Atlas, David rambles incoherently about Animal Crossing, Recent Microsoft execs jumping ship to Zynga, and–of course–how much he loves the 80s.  If you love the 80s, you can let him know at [email protected], by leaving a comment below, or by leaving a comment on iTunes (or the Zune Marketplace, if that’s your thing)

[00:00]:     What We’re Playing
[24:39]:     Australia refuses to rate Saint’s Row IV
[29:03]:     MechWarrior Online getting new “reseen” mechs!
[31:50]:     David loves Blood Dragon (and also the 80s)
[37:00]:     Microsoft getting a bit more indie friendly?
[41:23]:     Goodnight, Sweet prince; Dan Mattrick out at Microsoft

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Podcast produced by Atlas Burke.  Music from Mega Man 2.