For those of you looking to start this weekend off with some free-to-play (and graphically gorgeous) co-op third person shooting fun, good news – Warframe has just slid into open beta status. Sign up here¬†if you’d like to get in on this. The PR people at Nvidia are boosting this one¬†precisely because the game is ‘PhysX enhanced’, and when the graphics card maker gets in on the advertisement, you know you’re in for a visual feast. The key words here are “third-person shooter”, “free to play” and “co-op” – there emphasis of this title is PVE, so if those three things combine to make a siren song for you, well, hit the site and sign up! Those of you who need some more data to decide, however, will find a trailer after the cut.

There’s a lot going on in this game, graphically – look at all those sparks and explosions! Three factions in the game, with a whole lot of updates planned. It’s amazing what they’re giving away for free nowadays.